Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Rope?

Yesterday Tyler and I ran up Ferguson Canyon to go sport climbing with Jansen, Rob, Deric & Melinda, and Troy. I haven't been sport climbing outside in years and have never been up Ferguson Canyon. This was something new for me. Ferguson is a gorgeous area that is totally enclosed and filled in with beautiful trees and a stream. Cliffs line each wall of the canyon and the rock is the most featured and solid granite I have ever climbed on in Utah.

We were there for more social reasons than climbing as I had climbed the last two days up LCC and the gym. Therefore, all I attempted to do was a 5.8 that was extremely fun. T took a couple of photos of me and then went back to throwing rocks and playing with sticks.

While I was belaying Rob a person decked on a 5.9 not 100 feet behind us. I guess he was in a dodgy spot and a bit off route. His belayer supposedly caught the fall, but it wasn't enough and he swung into the rocks at the base. He clearly broke his right ankle which Jansen and Troy applied a splint. They then, along with two other guys, carried the guy out to the cars, about 3/4 of a mile.

It was an exciting night. Here are a couple of photos.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saturday Session 9/13/08

Line-up: Me, Jami, Trent, Aaron, Erik

We went up to the Yukon area. I have done a few things up there one one or two boulders, but that is it. The purpose of this trip was to do a bit more exploring and see if we could add numbers to our total count of LCC problems. It was a successful day.

Jami warming up on a nice V0

Topping out

Green V5

Hard not to dab

Topping out was brutal

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Saturday Session 9/6/08

Me, Rob, Jami, and Trent headed up to the Wasatch Resort, Paul Bunyon area to log a bunch of easy problems we hadn't done before. It was a good day and the weather was perfect. Below are some photos from our session.

Jami on Paul Bunyon

Me trying the wrong beta on a v7

Me on a fantastic and hard v1

Rob sending a chossy v0

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Beginning of Autumn

The temps are really good this week. I don't think they'll last too long, but I'm trying to take advantage of them while they are good.

Yesterday, Steve and I went over to the Wasatch Resort, Yukon area. It was beautiful outside. I didn't climb well, but it didn't matter. It was just good to be outside.

Me on an easy V2

Steve sending the Campus Problem V7

Steve working First Down V8

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Brighton Ridge Run

Yesterday, Steve and I wanted to make an effort to do the Brighton Ridge Run, which generally includes a few peaks and then back to the car. We, however, decided to extend the trip and try and summit 6 peaks, making a full loop all the way back to the car.

It has been very hot all week with temperatures in the 90s, but on Sunday a storm rolled in, dropping the temps and a whole lot of rain in the valley. It continued through the night, depositing about 4 inches of snow in the mountains above 8,000 ft. Our trip was going to be dodgy to say the least, but we felt that if we woke to no rain/snow that we would still make an attempt.

We met at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon at 6 am and made our way up to the Brighton Ski Resort parking lot by 6:25 or so. On the trail by 6:30 we had little need for our headlamps even though we wore them for the first 20 minutes or so. Neither of us had hiked from that trailhead before so route finding was a little tough at first. We had to do some cross-country trekking before we finally got on the right trail, but it only slowed us down a total of about 5 minutes.

We ran into consistent snow once we got to about 9,500 ft and after that spent the rest of the time hiking in no more than 3 inches of snow.

Our first peak was a no name peak, 10315 (elev.). On the summit it was still partly cloudy and you could see all of the peaks we were attempting to hike. In the picture below you can see all the peaks, 5 in all if you know where to look.

Me on the summit of 10315.

Once on top of Pioneer Peak you got a goo look down into the valley. Below you can see the smaller lake, Lake Catherine, and the larger one is Mary's Lake. This was about the end our our partly cloudy skies as we got closed in by clouds for the most part of the rest of the trip.

Route finding was easy considering we couldn't see very far. The route is straight forward and makes a horse shoe shape around the lakes pictured above. Once on the ridge, you simply stay on it until you are right back at the car. There were times when the clouds would break and we would get a good look at the surrounding area. For a short time we even had a good look into Albion Basin and even caught sight of Devil's Castle and Sugarloaf. It lasted about 5 minutes and then we were socked in again.

Below you can see me peak jumping on Tuscarora, our 4th peak of the day. By this time we had very limited field of vision, but our spirits weren't dampened and we thoroughly enjoyed every part of the hike.

Millicent was our last summit and just as we got done taking photos a storm rolled in and it started hailing heavily on us, with wind gusts upwards of 50+ mph. It was a bit scary going down, but once off the summit cone we were able to relax and enjoy the rest of the hike down.

We completed the whole hike in almost exactly 4 hours. It was extremely fun and I would love to go back when the weather is better and I can enjoy the views more. What a great trip.