Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lost in Translation

I have been really busy with work and even busier at home with the Kids and Em going to school full time.
Then, a couple of days ago I had to travel to Plano, TX, where I am currently working for the next two weeks. So basically, I haven't been climbing much lately and won't be touching anything climbing related until after the 14th.

I have been running more and more lately though. I have caught the bug, that is for sure. While I am stuck running on the road instead of the trails I'm enjoying being out there and pushing my limits.

I have been working on pushing my distance. My regular routine is about 4.5 miles. After a 4.2 mile day yesterday here in Plano I found an extended route that would allow me a 6.2 mile day. Leaving the hotel at about 6:15am I took off on the new course. The first mile and a half you have to run almost solely on the grass as there was no shoulder or sidewalks. As it was my second day I was a bit more used to it, so I didn't have to work as hard to get through it. Beyond that point I found I was able to run on the sidewalk the rest of the course. Phew.

I was able to complete the course in just over 50 minutes, pretty good considering I've never run that far before. I'm hoping that within the next 30 days 6 miles will become my regular workout and my long days will be 8 - 10.

While its not sending projects in LCC, it is a lot of fun and I feel great!

I record my running sessions on jun.fastrunningblog.com


Wasatch Girl said...

Ever thought about running a half marathon? The SLC half is in mid-April and has a fantastic course (lots better than the marathon course!). You should consider doing it... =)

jun said...

Funny you say that. I do have a goal to run a half marathon this year, two to three in fact.
I already have planned to run the Mini Grand Canyon half marathon out of Price in September. I am looking for 1 to 2 more, but haven't decided on them yet. April seems pretty soon, but maybe. I have a 10k race already booked for March. We'll see how that goes. I've run a 10k distance several times recently (twice this last week) and I feel pretty comfortable at that distance, so yeah, maybe.
Geez, that was a long answer just to say 'maybe'.