Thursday, October 22, 2009

The last few days have been a lot of fun. It is the perfect time of year and great weather to be climbing in Utah. Tuesday was my birthday and I was able to go with several friends and my brother down to Joe's Valley for a day trip. We had a great time cruising around different problems, just enjoying the sun and each others company. This trip was just about having fun, nothing more. I didn't care about projects how many problems I did. In fact, I probably laughed myself off the rock more times than I topped out. Here are a few photos.

Steve on Wills of Fire V5

Me on some arete eliminate problem

Me on Runt V7

The day before going down to Joe's I took a kid from my neighborhood up to LCC. He has only been climbing for a few months and even though he has a guide book, he doesn't know his way around very well, and certainly doesn't know all of the classic lines to try. I put him on some good problems at the Secret Garden and he spent the whole time thanking me for showing him the problems. For only 3 months of experience he certainly is strong and shows a lot of promise.

Larson on Twisted V4

Me on Bear Hug V8

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Enoch Davies said...

3 months and he is already further on twisted than I am. Maybe climbing just isn't my thing.

Happy birthday, thanks for letting me tag along.