Wednesday, November 18, 2009

End of Season Thoughts

Well, my racing season has finally come to an end. It was a long running season with my first race (a 10k) taking place in March. When I started running this year all I wanted to do was get good enough to run a half marathon in the fall. I had no idea at the time what I was actually capable of and what I would accomplish. My whole outlook on running, racing, fitness, and fun has changed forever. While I am still passionate about climbing, running has definitely taken a front seat in my list of activities. It is something I plan to stay with for the rest of my life and I have some amazing goals I plan to achieve. Below you will see a list of my 2009 accomplishments followed by a list of 2010 goals and then a few goals further out. I'd like to know people's feedback and what you think of what I'm doing now and planning to do in the future.

2009 Accomplishments
First 10k - Time: 46:16, 5th place overall
First Half Marathon - 1:36:28, 187th place overall (out of more than 3000)
First Marathon - 3:31:19, 198th place overall (out of more than 2500)
First Ultra-Marathon (50k) - 5:39:00, this was a fun-run.
First Ultra Marathon (50 miler) - 10:42:49, 3rd place overall (out of 14)

Other notable accomplishments include:
Ran Mt Baldy (8 miles) in just over 2 hours
Ran Mt Timpanogos (15 miles) in 3:18:31
Ran King's Peak (26 miles) in 5:48:34
Paced Davy Crockett for 14 miles in the Wasatch 100. I also crewed him later that night until 2am.
Completed multiple trail runs in the Wasatch Mountains up to 16 miles long.

2010 Goals
1 marathon length run or race in each of the 12 months of 2010.
Sapper Joe 50k in May
Squaw Peak 50 miler or Pocatello 50 miler in June
Zion Traverse (48 miles) from the east entrance to Lee Pass trailhead in Kolob.
Mt Timpanogos in under 3 hours
Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim (42 miles)
Set a new course record at the Lake Mountain 50k (under 5:18:00)
Run King's Peak again and break 5:30:00 (Quest for King's Marathon, my race)
Pony Express 100 miler in October

Future Goals (maybe not in 2010)
Run a marathon race barefoot (or in Vibram 5 Fingers)
Run multiple 100 mile races in a single year
Run the Wasatch 100
Qualify for the Boston Marathon (hopefully barefoot)

How's that sound? Ambitious? Would I do it any other way? You know the answer to those questions.

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