Monday, September 20, 2010

Timpanogos Summit #4 . . . this year

I just can't stay away from this mountain. It is too much fun and too good of a run to pass up when the opportunity presents itself.

I ran it with Scott this morning. He was itching to get out running and tag a peak. There is no better than Timp, that's for sure. We met at the normal spot at 2:30am and were at the trailhead 20 minutes later. We were running before 3am, it was nice. When we got to the parking lot there was only one other car there and by the way it was parked it looked as though it had been there for at least a full day. Just as we were leaving another car pulled up, but other than that we didn't see anyone the entire way up the trail. SO NICE!!!

It was really casual going up, just like last time. Splits for this time were nearly identical to the last time we ran up it. The only change was my split from the saddle to the summit. This time it was about 6 min faster. I felt really good, especially after a good week last week and basically no rest day (27 hours doesn't really count). I huddled in the shack for about 7 min until Scott got there, we took some pics and then headed out. I only stopped my clock a couple of times to wait for Scott.

Coming down felt pretty good until I folded my right ankle and had a few dodgy steps on my left plantar (which hurts now). The ankle is fine and the plantar will subside, like usual. Scott was much quicker coming down this time than last, especially on the lower half where he kind of had troubles last time. He should be pleased with his overall time. I feel really good. I'm surprised how well my legs are doing right now. I should have another strong week this week and then my last long run this coming Monday. Then I'll taper for the race.


Location Split Time   Total Time
Scout Falls 21:54 21:54
Emerald Lake TO 1:03:38 1:25:32
Saddle Up 28:43 1:54:16
Summit 18:27 2:12:43
Saddle Down 13:52 2:26:35
Emerald Lake TO 19:53 2:46:29
Scout Falls 43:59 3:30:28
Total 15:19 3:45:47

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