Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm Tired of Snow Running

Matt and I ran the Bonneville Shoreline Trail in Draper to Corner Canyon, then up to View Benchmark Peak, and down the mountain bike trail back to the Corner Canyon BST and back. The trail was never in good shape. From about the Ghost Falls trailhead to the road it was a solid two miles of 6 inch deep untracked snow. We then got to run pavement to the View Benchmark trailhead. It was well tracked from there to the summit, but there was still a lot of punching through.

On the way down we were going to take a different way back and run the downhill mountain bike trail to Mike Weir Blvd and catch the BST again. There was only one set of snowshoe tracks going down and it was a complete mess, doing everything you could not to fall on your face. Once back on the road we decided to stay on pavement instead of catching the BST  that paralleled it and pick it back up at Coyote Hollow, near the Draper temple. Once back on we were kind of cruising the uphill back to Corner Canyon Rd. Then those last three miles. Oh, the shame. The trail was soft and crappy, our legs were shot from dragging them through the snow, and we both just wanted it to be over. Even with our fatigue Matt still ran the entire steep uphill after the first bridge (jerk). Of course, putting me to shame I knew I had to run the rest of the little hills. I thought on the last one I might puke. In all, it was a crazy, brutal, fun outing. I sure like it better when there isn't any snow. And Matt officially ran 2.67 miles further than ever before in his life. I told him based on effort alone this was a much harder day than a trail marathon and considerably harder than last Saturday on Antelope Island. Awesome.

It was a great time, actually. Even with the misery we had a lot of fun. And it was solid training, for sure. Below are some pics to entertain you. 
Time: 3:48:52, 3400 vert

Lone Peak looms behind Matt

You can see the snow depth. And this was a shallow part.

Matt atop View Benchmark. Lone Peak in the background.

 Trying to navigate the steep and dodgy lack of trail.

Matt enjoys one of the rare dry spots on the trail.

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