Monday, April 18, 2011

Snow, Rain, or Shine

It's been a crazy few weeks in Utah. The weather can't seem to make up its mind. A week and a half ago I ran 15 miles in six inches of snow. Two days later I was in shorts and a t-shirt. Today I ran in what I would consider a 'normal' April rain storm, warm enough for shorts, but still needing a long-sleeve shirt. The down side is that one would think the trails would be wrecked, but timing has proved otherwise. In the last two weeks I've done every single one of my runs on one trail or another, spanning from Kaysville in Davis County all the way down to Corner Canyon in Draper. While conditions have not always been perfect, the company has been and I've enjoyed every minute out in the hills.

My main running partner is Matt. He's not only a work team member, but a good friend and amazing human being. He started running just over a year ago with nothing more than a goal to finish a sprint triathlon. When that was over I took him on one or two trail runs and he must have caught the bug because now he's a full on trail addict and ultra up-and-comer. He ran the Buffalo Run 50k a few weeks ago in 5:20, incredible for a first-timer. Together we have attacked the trails and pushed each other far harder then either of us would normally run had we been alone.

Below are some pics of the last couple of weeks and the fun we've had. I need to start bringing my camera along more often. It's getting to be that time of year where I really start exploring and getting deeper into the unknown. I can't wait for summer.

 Me cruising back along the BST in Davis Co. Matt had just made the comment that I was running sub-8 min/miles on a slight uphill. I thought that meant I was supposed to speed up. He cursed me a bit when we got back to the car.

 Cruising back down to the bridge after coming back down Chin Scraper on the Wasatch 100 course.

 Matt doing the same.

Matt making the turn onto the bridge. I love the look on his face.

 Trying to make tricky turns down the Bell Canyon trail into LCC.

 Matt topping out after 7.5 miles of constant uphill. We were not feeling it this day, but still happened to put in a good effort.

Flying down the trails. I can't wait for dry weather!!!


Maurine said...

I miss that BST section in Kaysville and Layton. Used to run it all the time when I lived up there. :(

Anonymous said...

I too, can't wait to start exploring. I'm a creature of habit in the winter, but there's just something about summer and warm weather!