Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Refuse to Quit

'Refuse to Quit'; it's more than just the title of my blog, it's something I feel defines who I am. For me it applies to more than just running, climbing, or peak bagging. It applies to my life, my family, my work, and relationships. It's something I teach my kids, have instilled in my scouts, and try and exemplify in my attitude and character. I hope I've represented the philosophy well.

This week 'refusing to quit' will be about more than just not DNFing in my race. On Friday it will be about refusing to sit and rest, to walk when I should run, and refusing to give in to pain and fatigue. On Friday I am going to toe the line of the Pony Express Trail 100 to race, not just run and finish. Do I really have a chance at winning? I doubt it. But I refuse to believe that I can't try anyway.

You can track my progress at

Before even starting let me express my gratitude to those who are supporting me in this race . . . . I'll do it with pictures:

My brother; crew and pacer -

My friend Ty; crew and pacer -

Altra Zero Drop Shoes -

Dad, this one is for you!


Jeremy said...

Nice, best of luck!

Oh, and the runner tracking is here:

jun said...

I just fixed the link. Thanks. See you out there.

jun said...

Actually, that's a lie, I won't see you out there. Wrong Jeremy.
And as for your Laramie comment, yeah, there was a time at mile 30 when I thought I was going to tank hard. Then I threw a hissy-fit at about mile 55. At that point that made me eat real food and I came back around and felt awesome the rest of the way. Hahaha.

Jeremy said...

Haha... which Jeremy is it? I might see you at the start of your race or, with your hour head start, if I'm having a really good day or you're having a really bad day (which I don't wish upon you).

As for the Laramie reference... wrong Jeremy!

jun said...

Uh, I don't know. Don't pay any attention to me. I'm crazy today. Hopefully I will see you out there.

Mike Place said...

Good luck, Craig. I'll have some tasty food and kind words waiting for you out at Blackrock. :]

Anonymous said...

Craig I love you so much. Run hard, run fast, and beat the heck out of Davey's time!!!! Mom