Sunday, October 27, 2013

Gnarly Nutrition Product Review

I'm not all too finicky about a lot of things in my life - brand of peanut butter, tooth paste, what kinds of socks I wear for running. But other things, like my shoes, hydration system, and running related nutrition I'm very critical of and refuse to settle for brands that I know I either don't like or I know don't work well for me. That's why, even though other offers have been made, I'm only currently sponsored by three companies - Altra Footwear, Ultraspire Hydration, and Gnarly Nutrition. I feel it's important to share my story of getting involved with Gnarly and why it is now a staple in my diet.

I was approached by a climbing friend of mine and was asked, as a runner, if I used any post-run protein drink as a recovery method. I explained that I had tried some from time to time, big name running brands like Hammer and First Endurance, along with the general stuff you can buy in bulk from Costco. What I didn't like about any of those brands was that they were made with artificial ingredients that always seemed to upset my stomach. And for the most part they simply didn't taste very good. His excitement in my lack of commitment to any brand was a sign that he knew something good I didn't. A short while late a meeting had been set up with Eli and Joel.

That first meeting in my office at work I knew I was dealing with a legitimate and amazing company. They understood runners and athletes in general. And they seemed to appreciate what I was doing in regards to my goals, my philosophies about running, and my attitude towards the whole industry. So they gave me some sample products and sent me off for several weeks to test them. Within 2 weeks I was hooked and I'll explain why.

I was provided with two products at the time: Gnarly Whey recovery powder (chocolate) and Gnarly Boost, a hydration additive meant to enhance water in a bottle or reservoir.

The Whey recovery powder is meant to be mixed with 8 oz of water or milk. One of the great things about
this product is that it is made with real chocolate and to be honest, it doesn't matter which you mix it with, it tastes equally well with either. My favorite thing to do is throw in a bunch of mixed frozen berries and blend it for a chocolate berry smoothie. The taste alone is enough to dedicate me to the product, but the reality is that I have felt a literal difference in my recovery after using it. It's no secret to runners that recovery is vital and protein, in one form or another, should be taken withing 20 minutes of a hard workout. I will attest that Gnarly Whey has played a significant role in my recovery from longer runs and hard workouts.

But my favorite product of all is the Gnarly Boost. This small bottle will supplement 10+ 20oz hydration bottles, depending on how heavy you want to make the taste. It comes in a very mild citrus flavor that works both as a nutrient and a thirst quencher. With all natural ingredients if offers an average amount electrolytes, but is heavy in vitamins and trace minerals. Key ingredients include a massive amount of B12, B2, and Potassium, things never found in other electrolyte drinks. Most runners will make up calories in their food and gel intake, so hydration is more about electrolytes and fluid intake. When you couple all of those things together everything can really come together to equal perfection.

Now, after several months of running with Boost I can honestly tell you that I absolutely hate running without it. The times when I've been out of stock my runs have suffered. I've actually had to recalculate how I race so that I can have access to it throughout the course because I know how critical it is to the success of my racing. I know this, Gnarly Nutrition has changed the way I run for the better. If you want to check them out, and I suggest you do, visit them at You won't be disappointed.

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