Friday, February 12, 2010

February Marathon Day

On February 10th I decided to go out early in the morning for a long run. Limited only by time I decided to see just how far I could go before I had to be home and get ready for work. Unlike my last marathon day attempt this time I was much better prepared, having eaten before my run and was pretty well stocked just in case I needed something out on the road. I even took my debit card with me, just in case.
This time I made it 17.25 miles before I hit my deadline and had to get home. I felt great this time, averaging an 8:30ish pace. That is pretty fast considering the number of hills I had to climb during the run. I figured I could get the other 9 during a long lunch, but as the day wore on I found I just couldn't slip away from work. Instead, I fit in 5 as quickly as possible towards the end of my workday. I was pretty tired from the morning run, hadn't recovered well, and didn't eat very well throughout the day, so I was pretty sluggish. The top of my right foot also hurt from the morning run. And I was still 4 miles short of my goal.
The problem was that I still have a full night ahead of me. Scouts at 6:30 till 8 and then I had to take Tyler home. Em talked me into doing my run near the house, so that meant I wouldn't even be able to start my last four miles until after 9pm. Not to be deterred, I committed to going out and I did. I felt better run the last 4 miles than the previous 5. Although, with one mile left the lack of calorie intake took its toll and I basically turned numb. It was rough, but I still ended around a 9 min/mile pace, capping off a 26.25 mile day. Hurray.
I learned a lot about running on depleted energy and sleep deprivation. I can take these things and apply them to real adventures in the coming months.

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