Friday, July 9, 2010

Training Week 7/5 - 7/9/10

This has been an exceptionally good training week for me. While I've been running trails a lot this whole year, I haven't had a chance until this week to get high up into the mountains. This week would change all of that.

Monday 5/5
I met up with my friends Matt Ricks (from Bountiful) and Aaron Kennard (from CO) to go run the Alta Loop. This is a trail that I ran a few times last year. It starts at Albion Basin and takes the dirt road up to the Cecret Lake trail head. From there you follow the trail all the way up to Cecret Lake and then to Mt Baldy, where we summitted at 11,080 ft. We then came down the west slope to the bottom of the resort and back up to the car.
8 miles
5000 elev gain/loss
I then ran 2.5 miles more with my wife that night.

Tuesday 5/6
I ran the Dimple Dell Gully again. This is a nice, standard run, with some good and easy climbing the whole first half. With three miles left I ran into someone who recognized me from the internet and we ran together back to the top. He says he is planning on doing the Quest for King's marathon that I host. I felt really good this day, considering I had a big day of climbing and altitude the day before. Downside is that I turned my ankle at mile 8. I really took care of it though and it hasn't been a problem.
10.15 miles
2200 ft elev gain/loss

Wednesday 5/7
I wanted to take it easy on my ankle this day, so I ran on the roads around my office. I was on and off the Jordan River Parkway and had a really fast day. My ankle did start nagging until about mile 8. It was never really a problem.
10.15 miles
No elevation change worth noting.

Thursday 5/8
This was a great day. I met up with Scott W, Jason Cox, and Matt Van Horn for my first run on the Wasatch Crest this year. It was a perfect morning. Details are in yesterday's post.
10.3 miles
3500 ft elev gain/loss (mostly loss)

Friday 5/9
Today was my first shot at running Mt Timpanogos this year. I thought I'd be tired and sluggish, but it turned out to be a really great trip. I was wrecked by the time I got to the summit (in 1:53:00), but quickly regrouped and blazed down the trail. It was my 3rd summit and my fastest to date. I did the whole thing in 2:58:43. I never, ever, thought I'd be able to run Timp in under 3 hours. This was the icing on the cake for me. I probably won't get to run tomorrow as I have to work in the morning and then we have a busy day ahead of us. We'll see though.
14 miles
8778 ft elev gain/loss

Total Miles for the week = 55.10
Total Elevation Gain/Loss - 19,400 (approx)

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Enoch Davies said...

That is an amazing week of running. Well done. I am pretty sure one of those days and I would have been sticking to the treadmill the rest of the week.