Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wasatch Crest - 7/8/10

1:52:16 - I ran the Wasatch Crest Trail this morning with Scott W and his friend Matt and my friend Jason. It was the first trail run for Matt and the first time Jason had been on the Crest. Needless to say, I think they enjoyed themselves. We took it really easy today and even summited Desolation Peak as part of the run. Saw a large buck, then four doe, then a mama moose with her two babies (right in the middle of the trail - I came upon them really quickly and was pretty close). Then after we were done I wanted a few more miles so I headed across the street from the Mill D trailhead to some trails I saw. Ran into a lady who was over there running, so I was optimistic I could get in a few more miles. Turns out everywhere I went I ran into a tent, a toilet, or a dumpster. I got in just over one more mile. I did get to show the lady two juvenile moose though that were playing in the river. That was cool.

Ave Pace - 11:03

The morning welcomed us with a beautiful sunrise. 

Scott doing what he does best, bagging random peaks.

Jason on the Crest. Cottonwood ridge in the background.

Scott on the Crest.

Jason coming up my favorite part of the trail.  

Summitting Desolation Peak

Peak jumping, of course.

Mama moose. Here babies were out in front.  

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