Monday, June 25, 2012

Back to Work

After more than a month of recovery and inconsistent training following the Zion Double Crossing I finally had a great training week. I was able to hit what seems to be my target optimal mileage and added a whole heap of vert. I ran 65 miles and had over 14,000 of vertical climbing. Out of the six days of running I felt like three of those days were at my limit effort level, which is just how I like it. I don't believe every workout has to be at 100% effort, but I definitely believe that one to two should be with the others being somewhere from 75% - 90%. In all, I was just happy to walk away from a great week of training, having summitted several mountains and seen some great views.

On Tuesday I ran the Wahsatch Steeplechase course up and over Little Black Mountain with friend Mark Kreuzer. It's a 16.3 mile course with over 4000 feet of climbing in the first 8 miles.

Mark on one of the down-climbs through the crags 

Flying down Smuggler's Gulch

Wednesday was our second get together of our now weekly night run. This time we chose to stay local and ran the Corner Canyon trails in Draper up to the summit of View Benchmark. This great course offers about 2000 ft of vert in about 10.5 miles. It was great to spend the evening running with Josh and Scott and we spent the whole time just chatting away. 

Finally, on Saturday I did a solo run up Mt Timpanogos, my first time for this year. After a full week of training I still felt like I had a lot in the tank and was able to feel strong the whole way up. I made it to the top in a new best time (for me) of 1:52:07. There weren't many people on the way up due to a race being held lower in American Fork Canyon. However, as I was nearing the bottom on my way down the crowds had shown up and were all on the trail since the race had ended and the road had re-opened. It slowed me down, but I still managed my second best time on the trail - 2:53:38, only a minute behind my PR. I just loved being back on the mountain and having the summit all to myself. I'm hoping I can get back there again in the next week or two.

Approaching the saddle at 1:35:00. Looking up at the summit. 

On the top of Timpanogos, all alone. So awesome.


Mark Kreuzer said...

Dude! Honored to have made it into the article. How freaking kool. And, I don't look like a totally greenhorn in the pics!

Nick said...

What is the course that you take in Draper to View Benchmark to get the 10 miles? I am very familiar with the trails so just names will work...thanks in advance

jun said...

Hey Nick. I start at Coyote Hollow by the LDS temple. I then run the Bonneville Shoreline trail west to Potato Hill. Up Potato Hill to Ann's. West on Ann's until it meets the Downhill Mountain Bike Trail. Up the steep rocky trail to the switchbacks until it meets the View Benchmark access road/trail. Then up to the summit and back. Then I hop on Eagle's Crest and around to and down Clark's to finish. Here's a link to my garmin connect site.