Friday, August 15, 2008

Dawn Patrol 08/15/08

We headed up to the Grist Mill this morning. I had never been there so this was a new place for me. I was reluctant to go considering how tired I was and I also had Tyler with me.

It turned out to be a great time. The warm-up problems were fun and easy, with good landings.

Jami on a V0 warm-up

Steve topping out

After the warm-ups, things got a little taller. Not much harder, just taller. Below, Steve attempts a super scary V3. Neither of us did it. Technically, I probably got the highest on it because I had both hands on the overhanging section, but that isn't saying much considering I backed off too.

Around on the front were two beautiful looking slabs. The bottom parts were easy, but then you had to basically mantle the ledge, then mantle over the overhang. On the left problem you got two decent crimps to grab, but then had to highstep onto a mediocre foothold. On the right problem (not shown because we were too scared) you had to hand/foot match over the edge and then balance up to the jug top. Both were terrifying. The landings were good, but it was a long way down.

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