Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dawn Patrol 08/26/08

It was a relaxing morning, with little climbing and more relaxing. We went over to the Swamp area and headed for the Top Rope boulder.

That thing is insanely tall.

We did the V2 on the left hand side of the east face. It doesn't top out very tall. The V2 that traverses in is really tempting, but moving out over those scary blocks was enough for me not to try it.

I topped out the entire boulder, finishing on the V0 classic shothole crack. It was beautiful.

We then went over to the Bog boulder and did Hike. That problem is ultra-classic.

Dawn Patrols are pretty much done for me. I get to go next Tuesday and that will be it until who-knows-when. It has been a great summer though.

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