Monday, August 11, 2008

Millicent Peak 8/8/08

I decided lat minute to head up to Brighton and take a run at Millicent. I had intentions of jogging the Twin Lakes road up to the top of the Milli lift and then boulder hop from there. About 100 yards into the run I decided that the road was too steep and I slowed to a quick walk. I maintained that pace all the way to the top, resting only briefly two or three times. I'm sure I was still feeling the affects of the King's hike only a few days earlier. I also didn't eat a very good lunch, so I was low on energy which is probably why I felt nausious for most of the way up. I hit the summit in 50 minutes and took a quick few pictures. The descent was fast and easy and I made it in under 20 minutes, for a total trip time of 1 hr 09 min. Millicent is a great, easy hike that I would recommend to anyone. Very beautiful.

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