Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bordering on Injured

Well, I think I've pushed things a little too hard the last couple of weeks. During my 50k a couple of weeks ago I was fighting through some serious IT Band pain the last couple of miles in my left knee. After the run I took 3 days off and then the following Monday only ran 3 miles to stretch my legs. At that point everything felt pretty good. However, the following day I ran 9.25 miles on the Wasatch Crest Trail, ending at Mill D trailhead in BCC. The last 5 miles were a pounding downhill that I just flew down. Unfortunately, this pretty much put me over the top. My ITB issues came back, along with some pain in my right knee too, most likely 'runners knee'. And I've been plagued by pain ever since.

I've decided to only run one more weekday this week and then participate in my 5 mile trail race on Saturday. I don't think I'll run it hard, but instead just use it as a nice training run. Then after that I feel like I need to take a couple of weeks off. I'll cross-train with some swimming and stationary bike, but other than that, no running. The good side is that it will give me some time to climb with friends and maybe even get in a round of golf. Wish me luck.

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