Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Grandeur Peak

I hiked Grandeur Peak on Monday with T and my mom. This would be the 2nd Wasatch peak for T and the first for my mom. We left our house at 3 pm and were at the trailhead and hiking by 3:20. It is great being so close to so many wonderful trails. It was hot out, but luckily you stay under the canopy of lush pines and aspens for the entire first half of the hike. The trail is only 3 miles long, with 2200 vertical feet of elevation gain. It isn't too steep, but just enough to get the legs tired.
Heading up the trail - about 1.5 miles in
Coming out of the canopy
It was slow moving as my mom was not used to the steepness of the trail or the altitude, but she hung in there. She has been on a low-carb diet which doesn't give her very many calories, so finding any kind of energy was tough. She was also low on salt for the kind of heat we were hiking in. At the upper saddle, just before the last push to the top, she decided to stop there as we were dangerously close to our time limit (we needed to be home by 6pm), so T and I ran/hiked to the summit, snapped a few pics and raced back down the trail.

Peak Jumping 11 year old style

Father and son. Good times.

T was wearing the worst shoes ever, but he still managed to move quickly down the trail. He and my mom were pretty worked by the time we got to the bottom. I too was tired as I had ran over 3 miles that morning and was still dragging from my 50k the week before. We got home a little late, about 6:20, but overall did really well. It was great to be out with T and have my mom there for her first peak attempt. Next week we'll try something a little higher up the canyon to cut down on the heat and make it a bit more scenic.

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