Friday, January 8, 2010

Looking Ahead

There are few things that I get super excited about and plan well in advance for; Halloween and my Birthday Challenge. It is not uncommon for me to decide what I'm going to be for Halloween in March and start making my costume by June. Likewise, I have been known to start planning my Birthday Challenge the next year the day after my birthday. This year I actually made it a few months before getting excited.
If there is anyone who actually reads this blog you will remember that my birthday challenge in 2009 was to run 37 miles, which I eclypsed by running 50 as part of the Pony Express 50 mile race. While it was amazing and maybe the most memorable, it is an accomplishment I'm still paying for with an irritated IT Band. However, it certainly doesn't stop me from coming up with ideas for birthday 2010. I actually thought of this genius idea on my way to work this morning. Here it is.
Swim - .38 miles (3.8 miles would have been cooler, but even I know my limits)
Bike -  38 miles
Run  -  38 miles

Come October it actually won't be that tough of a challenge. What will make it tough is that I will have just completed my first 100 miler race (running) the weekend before. So I may actually have to do my birthday challenge a couple/few weeks after my birthday because, most likely, I won't be walking on my birthday.  I already know where I am going to do it. I'll do it all in Lehi because of the proximity to where I want to do the running, which will be at Lake Mountain.

Anyway, send me some comments if you have any. I'm curious to know if I'm being realistic or stupid.

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