Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Leg 5k

This is not a race I ran.

There are certain moments in your children's lives that really stand out. Whether it is the first time they rolled over, walked, or shoved a pea up their nose, they are moments beyond 'milestones', moments that you know you will never forget. When it comes to my children, there are more of these moments than I can count. I am proud of each of them for so many little things they do almost daily.

Today's day was Tyler's. I've been asking him if he wanted to run a 5k for a few months now. Running one on Thanksgiving Day seemed like a logical and fun choice. A friend of mine was the race director of a cool 5k up in Farmington, called the Turkey Leg 5k. Yes, there are many other options much closer to home, but I thought it would be fun to support him. Besides, I also had several friends running in the race and I knew that the tech t-shirt they gave out with the entrance fee would be awesome. Unfortunately, my wife had to work so I had my two smallest with me. Knowing the temps would be in the teens, at best, not only would it be a challenge for Tyler, but it would be tough for my two smallest to hang out in the cold.

I got Tyler there about 20 minutes before the start. His mom had shown up to cheer him on, as well. I bundled up the rug-rats and we all headed out to get him settled. Just before the race started he stripped of his down coat and sweats and headed to the starting line. Minutes later they were off. I had coached him to not go out too fast and just find a group of people he felt comfortable running with. He listened to my every word.

The layout of the course was cool in that just after the 2 mile mark the runners pass the park, so you get to see them run by. It was here that I snapped a few good shots. I then urged him to start pressing a little harder. The race then runs through a neighborhood and then loops back around the opposite side of the park and around and back, so you get to see them finish the last third of a mile. As Tyler came back into view I could see he was still running strong. He was passing several people who were out of energy. With 100m to go he passed two people. The announcer then called out the competition between the three and the two he passed started to sprint. Not to be beaten though, Tyler turned on the heat and passed them both again at the line, finishing in an unofficial 25:08. That is super fast for a 12 year old in his first 5k. I couldn't believe how well he did and I am so proud. He was hammered. I asked if he thought he might puke to which he concurred, but he kept it down. That's the sign of a great effort. We snapped a few more pics and then I got my freezing kids home while Tyler left with his mom.

 Tyler at the 2 mile-ish mark

Not to be beaten

I am so proud of him. He has really caught the running bug and is going to be amazing. Congrats Tyler!!!

Here are a few additional pictures:

 T and his Deacon's Quorum advisor, Jason

T and his mom

T and me

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