Friday, January 7, 2011

I've Got a Dream

I've been procrastinating writing up my 2011 goals on this site. I've had them posted on my personal running blog on another site where only a few friends will see them. As expected, many were awed by my lofty sights, but all were very supportive. Throwing them on here, for the world to see and ridicule, is a new level. I'd love to hear your feedback.

Antelope Island Buffalo Run 50 Miler - with my ankle hurt and considering the recovery time I really don't think I'll be in shape for the 100. I may even bump down to the 50k, but most likely will do the 50. I love running out on that island. Many people don't like the 50 because of the long, flat out and back on the west side. After running PE100 the last thing I fear is long and flat.

Timpanogos Double-up - this should be an easy middle of the week outing. I plan to run Timp about 10 times this year.

Timpanogos from Grove Creek - I am really excited for this one. I actually hope to do this a few times. About 30 miles round trip with about 8000 ft of vert (you actually lose nearly 1000 ft coming around the north side of the mountain that you have to gain again).

Zion Traverse - 48 miles of pure heaven.

Bryce Canyon Link-up - Doing it proper this year and definitely going to try and bag the very soft speed record. For those of you who enjoy the Grand Canyon R2R2R or the Zion Traverse, this is a must-do.

King's Peak Double - Yep, I'm going to run that silly mountain twice in one day. 52 miles. The last 5 miles are always a slog and now I get to do it twice. At least the first time will be in the dark. This goal is a guarantee for this year and down-right STUPID!

Quest for King's Marathon - Looking for a good turn-out this year. It is going to be a full-on party. I plan to have a very large campground set up a mile or two from the trailhead where we can all gather and party the night before. If it isn't on your calendar, set the date. Looking to do it the 3rd or so week in August. Reminder: this is a fun-run, not a real race. Although, the first person back does get the cow bell!

Wasatch 100 or Bear 100 - Whichever one I get into. This will be my big race focus of the year. All of my adventure runs during the summer will build for this.

Pony Express 100 - going for a sub-20 hour tour this time (hoping that I will be recovered enough from my previous 100). I think this race is going to get popular so I'm not going to target winning the thing. There is a solid chance some very good runners will show up this year. 100 straight, flat, long miles in the desert = awesome.

Grand Canyon R2R2R - there is no way I'm not doing it in 2011. I've waited too long.

6 days of Ultras - Yes, I plan to run 6 50k's in a row. It is helping me gear up for the next goal. 

Finally, I'm going to start running chunks of the Great Western Trail. My plan (about 5 years from now) is to run it from the Idaho border to the Arizona border in a single push. Should be 500+ miles. I'm hoping to run 25 - 40 miles a day. I need to get a good handle on the trail though. There isn't a single consistent trail (often times there are 2 - 3 trails that all bare the name and parallel each other) and it will be easy to get off track. I will be doing a ton of research over the next few years and just building mileage and getting to know the trail.

Notice that I'm only running three real races this year (I will do a road half and full with my wife this year, but those aren't goals, just expected). We are trying to buy a house in July and I want to focus financially on that. My adventure runs, while costly, are still about 1/4 of what it costs to run and support myself for an ultra race.

I know, these are a whole bunch of goals. Only two things will hold me back from achieving them; time and injury. If I can manage both appropriately I think I can do all of this. I don't fear any of them.

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