Monday, January 31, 2011

What a Week

This past week was a lot of fun. My mileage wasn't that high and I didn't do anything spectacular, but I spent a lot of time with great friends and family just cruising the trails. Here are a bunch of photos for you to enjoy.

 Working backwards: I ran the Lindon BST with Kim and Brent and had an awesome time in the mud.

Prior to the run, goofing off.

Brent coming up to the turn-around.

 The day prior I ran with Brent again on the Orem BST. Mostly dirt roads with the last couple of miles on pavement, this was a very enjoyable outing.

Scott and I climbed Wire Peak on Wednesday. It was very foggy and we couldn't see much, so we took other fun-filled liberties.

Scott nearing the summit.

Me completely goofing off.

One other day to note was my Saturday run with Kelli and her husband, Scott. We had a great time on the Pipeline Trail in Millcreek Canyon.  I didn't take my camera which I completely regret now, but we had a wonderful time all the same.

This coming week won't be nearly as exciting as I'm trying to heal a couple of nagging injuries, so I might be spending most of my time on the treadmill. Not exciting, but probably necessary. I'm looking forward to feeling good and ramping up training in expectation of the Antelope Island Buffalo Run 50 Miler in a couple of months.

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