Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 14th - Weekly Summary

I'm not generally a fan of reading blogs where people detail out their daily runs, mileage, vert, etc. I don't really have much against it, it's just that it gets a bit old reading it on a person's blog between race reports. The only real weekly log I enjoy reading is to see how many times Tony K got up Green Mountain. Ha. For me these weekly reports will be to share a few photos and talk of some of the high points. I hope you find them entertaining.

I've already reported on the 50k around Lake Mountain that I did on Tuesday. At the end of that run I asked if any of the friends who with me wanted to run View Benchmark peak the next day. Scott said, "geez dude, don't you want to give your legs a rest?" My response was "I rest my legs on Sunday, until then they do what I tell them". Needless to say, I spent the next several days pushing myself and having an awesome time in the process.

This past week, other than running an ultra, I summitted three peaks and ran a bunch of really cool trails with some friends. Peaks included View Benchmark (on quite tired legs), Grandeur (via the loop course), and finally Lake Mountain on Saturday with my son, Tyler. All of those included solid miles, a bunch of vert, and spectacular views. I doubt I'll be able to repeat it this week, but even coming close would be an accomplishment. Below are a few pics from this week.

From the summit of Grandeur Peak. We did the 10 mile loop course that I love so much.

Tyler about half way up Lake Mountain. This was his first trip up the peak. He isn't a distance runner, so 8.4 miles is a long way for a run/hike. He was awesome.

The two of us on the summit looking east over Utah Lake and the Wasatch range.

Tyler running down from the summit. His shoes were bare of tread and the packed snow and ice was a real challenge for him on the top half of this route. Super fun though.

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Scott Wesemann said...

That was a pretty impressive week. I think you made the right call to rest on Sunday.