Saturday, January 7, 2012

October 90th

A Facebook friend recently posted how much he was enjoying this weather on October 90th. I was an obvious stab at what is unseasonably warm weather for the first week in January. I chuckled at reading it and have now quoted it on several occasions. In light of this awesome weather me and a few friends made sure to take every advantage.

Each day this week I hit a different trail, wracked up a solid 7000 ft of vert, and spent every day running in shorts (except Monday when we ran at 8am) and a t-shirt. Now it is Saturday and the weather has turned a complete 180 as I type this while watching it snow in my backyard. I had plans to run today, wracking up a final 8 miles and 3000 ft of vert, but as is typical with a new baby, sometimes he changes the plans and I am unable to get out. So I'll just share some words and photos from this past week, hoping you get a feel for how much I've enjoyed this fall-like weather.

Monday I threw together a group run with some awesome friends. We ran the Ann's Trail loop on South Mountain in Draper. Even at 8:30 in the morning we were shedding layers and hats after a mile.

Tuesday and Wednesday we continued to hit awesome trails in the sun. On Wednesday I got to run on a trail that I haven't been on before; the Bonneville Shoreline Trail as it winds up the north side of City Creek and then along the ridge up towards Dude Peak. It was a similar route the Wahsatch Steeplechase ran this last year due to snow conditions. That is a really cool area and a series of trails I head back to more often.

The Wasatch range behind Scott looks nearly snowless. As of today that is all changing. While I've rather enjoyed this last week I am actually excited to get back into snowy conditions. It's a fun medium to train on and definitely switches things up, even when running the same trails over and over. Have a great week everyone.

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