Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekly Review - 1/23 -1/28

Things have been so busy lately that I just haven't had a lot of time to maintain a consistent running schedule. Last week was one of my longest training weeks, not in mileage, but in number of consecutive days running. I actually got to run every day from Monday to Friday. While not all of it was on trails (Mondays I can't run until after 8pm, so I generally just run roads around my house), I did have a couple that were just absolutely fantastic.

One of which was on a regular trail that I do nearly every week, a run up View Benchmark with Scott. It has snowed the day before and while we knew there would be a bit of snow on the trail, we simply weren't prepared for the 2 feet of snow that had drifted near the top. Nothing like post-holing your way for 200 yards to reach a tiny summit.

Then on Thursday Scott and I, once again, teamed up and completed a course I attempted a couple of week ago, but got rained out on. We ran a loop that Davy Crockett discovered years ago; 25+ miles of dirt road that winds through the city along irrigation canals in South Salt Lake valley. I can't even express how cool of a run this was, to be able to run that far and rarely touch pavement, yet being right in the middle of a suburb community. It was amazing and something I will definitely go back and do a few times.


clark said...

Recently discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading. I am intrigued by the dirt road route through the south valley that you describe. I live in the south part of the valley and am always looking for nearby dirt! Care to share?

jun said...

Clark, thanks for paying attention to my blog. You might be one of three.
Here is a link to my garmin map. It might help you.
Also, check out Davy Crockett's site. He has a really good breakdown of the course.

Good luck man. it's an awesome course.

clark said...

Perfect! Thank you.