Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh My, I'm Talking About Politics!

I have seen this photos and ones like it roaming around the interweb and especially on Facebook lately. Normally, I just roll my eyes and move on to the next completely uninteresting topic. However, this particular photo just kept showing up way too often for me to ignore. So, instead of doing what apparently every other person on facebook has done and 'share' it, I decided to do a bit of research before I reacted. My findings weren't shocking, in fact, they were exactly what I expected.

I did some research on gas price trends over the last 6 - 30 years and found several charts that all showed the same thing - while the price of gas was, in fact, $1.78ish when President Obama took office it was in actuality above $4 not even six months before. As a matter of fact, in late June, early July of 2008 the price of gas was $4.12 per gallon, the highest in the history of the US. Gas prices didn't begin to drop until October of that year and only saw a drastic drop AFTER Obama was elected, but prior to him taking office. So, in fact, it could be said that the price of gas was so low because he was elected, and not the other way around. Is that reality? Probably, not, but the case could be made.

The point is this, according to about a dozen websites, all of which represented non-partisan research, they all came up with the same reasons for the increase in gas prices - increased consumption worldwide. In fact, if you want to point any fingers maybe they should be pointed at China, whose crude oil consumption has sky-rocketed in the last 10 years and who are now #3 in the world (behind the US and India). With the world becoming smaller and the industrialization of former 3rd world countries the simple truth is that supply simply can't meet demand. Sorry. You can tell this by doing research on other countries' trends also. Guess what? They trend just like the US. 
US vs Canadian prices provide a poor example, but it was the only visual chart with multiple countries. The rest were text representations or just one country at a time. You get the point though.

Here's what gets my blood boiling. I'm so tired of people jumping on band-wagons without doing any actual research on issues. They see photos like the one above, with tag-lines attached that say things like "numbers don't lie" and they immediately take it is as fact and repost for the world to see. It drives me crazy. It takes like 3 minutes to actually find the truth. We live in a world of nearly immediate information, yet so many people choose to ignore it.

For all of those who know me personally let me share with you a little bit of information: I'm NOT a Republican. Oh wait. I'm also NOT a Democrat. I'm nothing. I'm someone who likes to become educated on the most important issues (I don't bother with issues that I believe are irrelevant - you can ask me what those are personally - I won't go into them here) and then make a decision based on what I believe works in the best interest of myself and my family. I believe in people who represent improving our nations education system (which sucks, btw), are willing to invest in alternative methods of energy (no, I don't consider natural gas a good alternative), protect the family unit (my definition of 'family unit' probably does not fit in line with what most people would think), and who want to protect our country and provide for the support and well-being of our troops. There are more, but I don't care to mention them here. By those reasons alone I know I cross over party lines. I DON'T CARE. 

I don't mind when people share their political or religious views publicly. The great thing about our country is that they have the freedom to do so. It's a wonderful thing. But please, please, please, if you are going to do it, first do the research for yourself. And if it is something that is going to be "re-posted' or forwarded in email make sure you take the time to know what you are sending is actually the truth. Otherwise you just look foolish. Or worse, you are actually supporting a lie. 

And unlike nearly everyone who gets on their soapbox I'm going to provide my sources:
Some random website
Index Mundi
About . Com
Investor Place


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Enoch Davies said...

Oh Facebook, so many people's source of political information. Too bad they only see their "friend's" ideas.

MVH said...

It comes down to this: Can you afford $4,$5,$6,$7 a gallon gasoline? Indefinitley? I can't. I don't want to try. It affects me and you in a very real way. Less trips, less freedom to move, to travel, and the cost of shipping goes up with the rise in the cost of fuel. That means inflation of everything from food to products. So what is the current administration doing to help us little people with fuel prices? Absolutely nothing. No plans to open new prospects for drilling here in the US, continued regulation, and the refusal to fund the Keystone Pipeline which maybe you have heard of recently. Moreover, there is evidence that the administration seeks to allow fuel prices to rise to European levels. Energy Secretery Steven Chu: "Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe." All in the name of becoming somehow less dependent on oil. He doesn't say "foreign oil", just "oil". Alternative energy is a nice thought, but ultimatley useless. I can't fucking drive my vehicles on wind or solar power. Electric cars? Yeah, right. You are still using fossil fuels to charge electric. Support a military with wind power? Yeah, good luck with that. I stopped thinking of things in terms of Republican and Democrat long ago because those are just parties. I am firmly on one ideological side. If you are diligent with research, find out why the current administration purposefully does nothing to help you hurt less at the pump. What is their plan? From their own spokesman, it is to allow the price of gas to rise to European levels. I do not like that. Do you? It's why I am decidedly against the administration and their policies.

jun said...

MVH, I think you missed the point of my article. I DON"T CARE about pointing fingers and I don't care about your political views (or anyone else's for that matter). I do respect, however, that you have an opinion and are willing to share it. I think it's great that you're willing to stand up for what you believe and I appreciate your willingness to defend your position. The point of my post was that people want to make statements and post information that is based on incorrect information. If you want to publicly state your opinion, then do so with information that is accurate and truthful. That was my point.

jun said...

And I should have mentioned this before, but I do have opinions about all of this stuff. And they aren't that different from you. However, once again, I won't share them publicly because I DON'T CARE to have those kinds of discussions. I keep that stuff to myself because it's not important enough to me to argue with people about. If anyone wants to have a public argument with me about issues then please feel free to engage me on the following topics: trails vs road, fueling methods, music vs no music, midfoot vs heel strike, etc. Outside of that I really don't care.

MVH said...

Understand, Craig, that when you make some pretty good points you invite a discussion of those points. I predict it will be a topic of discussion more often wherever you go in the near future.

As for music vs. no music, I program specific music for my outings, so it is an essential component of my experience. I do however turn it off when I am in conversational proximity with friends. For me, certain music can elevate my mood and stimulate my energy level.