Thursday, December 27, 2012

My 2013 Wishlist


So if I had a wish it would be for world peace. Who wouldn't? Since that will never happen, I like to wish for more realistic things. Here is my outdoorsy wish list for 2013:

January: Begin running six days a week and take Sundays off. I would like to do the Temple Run. That is, from home in Farmington to the Bountiful LDS Temple, then around the corner to the Salt Lake Temple. Then to the Jordan River Temple, and over to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, and finish at the Draper Temple. I do not know how many miles that is, exactly, but it I hear it is somewhere in the range of fifty to sixty.

February: Moab 55K. I am already signed up, and the hotel is booked.

March: Antelope Island Buffalo Run 100 mile and 50 mile. "Hey, you can't run both of those!" Can't I? In fact, someone already is making a serious consideration to do it. Why let him have all the fun? Of course, I would have to complete the 100 in 18 hours or less if I want to start at 6AM with the 50 milers for a third lap around the island.

King's Peak, ski-in at the end of March. I would love to go back with my new ultra marathon fitness and get up there and back before dark. My fitness is worlds away from where it was the last time I skied to King's Peak.

April, May, June: I will be getting out as much as possible, whether it be for Spring mountaineering in the Wasatch, long-distance adventure runs, and hopefully some downhill skiing.

Bryce 100 Miler

Zion Traverse FKT attempt: I like to dream big.

Grandeur Peak Fun Run in May

I am going to enter a 5K with the intention of beating my PR of 19:47.

I would love to do the Grand Canyon R2R2R.

Timpanogos a bunch of times.

Millwood 100. 

July:Flag Rock 10K in Farmington. I got 3rd place this year in a very fast trail race above the smal town of Farmington, Utah. I am going back to see if I can beat my time.

Gannett Peak. After the miserable time I had this year getting back from Gannett I said I would never go back. I changed my mind, but with conditions. I will go back if I can climb the pass over snow. The thing is miserable without snow.

Speedgoat. Now that I have run it I will seek to significantly improve my finish time.

August: Kings Peak. I will go out to set my fastest time and back of the highest peak in Utah.

September: Wasatch 100, if I win the lottery again. If not, I would like to enter another or two 100 milers, perhaps out of state.

October: Pony Express Traill 100 Mile Enduracne Run. PE is a fast course. This is where I will test myself for my 100 mile PR.

Antelope Island 100K

 November: Something big. If my fitness and endurance is where I need it to be, I have something in mind that everything I do throughout 2013 will be leading up to. I am keping it on the down-low for now.

That is my 2013 wishlist of things to do, running and mountain-wise. I am looking forwad to the new year so I can start making it happen. In the meantime, enjoy my video of Mt. Olympus:


Jared Thorley said...

Love the soundtrack. Thump that bass, Geddy. Wishlist sounds pretty gnarly. I'd love to pace you/train with you on Millwood. I'm hoping to scope out that course this summer for a possible attempt in 2014. Keep up the great posts guys. I liked Craig's solo efforts, but loving the new multi-poster format.

MVH said...

Jared, come along on Millwood. Nice feature of Millwood is you can jump on and off in a multitude of places and you are never more than a few miles from road.

Matt said...

Man - that is an impressive undertaking!! Can't wait for the fun to begin!
For the Zion FKT - are you thinking about doing the single or double traverse? Love that place!

Sam said...

That Temple Run sounds cool. I wouldn't mind doing it.