Saturday, December 15, 2012

Winter is Finally Here!

While I sit and write this I'm also enjoying the new blanket of snow that has fallen outside, all six inches of it. From what NOAA says we are supposed to get a few more before the weekend is over too. I celebrated the onset of Winter (finally, in December) by building three snowmen with my two middle boys, Sam and Max.

Now that it's here I need to rethink how to plan what, where, and how to run. This past week I've continued to enjoy what could only be described as Fall weather - cold mornings and warm days/evenings. Knowing a storm was brewing I tried to make the most of this past week. Who am I kidding, I had no idea a storm like this was on the way and everything I did this last week was done with basically zero planning. Whatever I did this week I did because it sounded fun.

While I put in five good days this week, three stood out. Tuesday I did an evening/night run up Wire Peak and Red Butte with friends Matt W and MVH. It was a slow outing, but the views were gorgeous, the trails in good condition, and the company brilliant. 

Thursday I met Matt W downtown during a long lunch to run the Avenue Twins. One day before the storm blew in and we were running in shorts and just a long-sleeve shirt . . . and were sweating bullets. I'm fairly certain we won't see another day like that for a few months.

Friday was a fairly planned run, at least as early as Wednesday. I met Matt W and Leslie H downtown to run the Bonneville Shoreline Trail to City Creek and back, a nearly 20 mile outing with 4000 feet of vert. The trails were perfect and the morning was nice and warm. We cruised along in the dark for the first two hours, then the sun came up and we enjoyed the change in views. While we didn't see as much wildlife as we had hoped, we did see two deer just before sunrise. It wasn't the fastest run, which turned out to be nice because I'm not 'training' anyway and I feel great today.

And while I didn't get to run today I'm happy with the week I had and look forward to whatever next week brings.


Lisa Louise said...

random snow running question! I run all year, however my feet were soaking wet today after running in the slushy snow we got, what do you do to try to keep your feet dry?

jun said...

Lisa, that's a good question. I actually spent my first winter of running trying to do everything to keep my feet dry without success. Since then I don't make any effort, at all. What I focus on is just having on some good non-cotton running socks to wear. I find that as long as I am moving my feet don't get cold and I've spent hours on end in the snow with wet feet. It's just about keeping moving and your feet will stay warm.