Friday, April 18, 2008


I took a little afternoon session up LCC. What a great day. I've been focusing on new problems. Most of these are on the extremely easy side.
I went to the Cabbage Patch. To the left of the dyno boulder there is a V3 and V5. Both felt at least a grade easier.

Beyond the dyno boulder there is a hidden gem. On the back side there are two V1 slabs that are gorgeous. On the east side there is an arete that has been undone. On the right, pinch the arete with your left hand and grab a gaston with your right; paste your right foot on and then jump for the ledge. Mantle that and then jump again (very scary) to the top and mantle. This is apparently undone. Not any more. I don't know how hard it is, but if it is a FA that would be excellent.
On the left of the arete is a true project. A beautiful slab with OK feet and no real holds until about 10 feet. This may be a project for the fall.

5 new problems. What a great day!

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