Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Let's see if I can recap the last several days. It is now Monday, last Friday T and I drove down to Joe's Valley for the 2nd annual Jami birthday super climbing weekend.

We started by climbing at the Big Joe area. I warmed up on a couple of V1s and then did a V4, all on the Scary Monsters boulder.

I then did Scary Monsters - v6. It took me several tries, though it should have only taken two. I wasn't feeling very well.

We then fished for a bit and ran into some friends. We climbed with them at the Riverside. I did a couple of v0 and v2 problems, along with Kelly's Arete, v5. I didn't want to climb very hard since I was planning to try my project the next day.

Saturday, along with a group of friends we went to the Mining Cart. We did all the problems on there; v0, v2, v3, v3, v4. Across the street from there I sent Kill By Numbers, v5. Then we went over to Worst Case Scenario, v9. It took me several tries along with Steve to figure out some new beta to get us into the crux move. And then I blew a tip. I was pretty much done at that point. It was a good weekend.

Yesterday I went back up LCC to the Banjo boulders. I did two v1s and that is about it. I did warm up at the SG, but I won't go over that. It was really warm outside.

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