Monday, April 21, 2008


I went back up LCC. I didn't run today as I still want to give my foot a rest before pushing it again.

I didn't climb hard up LCC as it was my 4th day on and I wanted simply to try new stuff.

I first went to the Unnamed boulders to the east of the Tower boulders at the Secret Garden. The book was vague on how to do two of the three problems and outright inaccurate on how to start the V6. I didn't even try it. It was hot and I wasn't up for trying hard. I did do the V1 and gave the scary V3 a try, but the hard mantle move was pretty high up and all I had was my circuit pad and no spotter, so I backed off. I then walked up the hill to another obscure boulder.

This boulder had a terrifying V3 slab that started 6 ft off the ground. I passed on it for obvious reasons. There was a beautiful V1 (more like V0) arete that was a bit scary as the landing was death. I even backed off it once, but fired it without any problems the second try. The v4 straight up that wall looked brilliant, but again, with such a poor landing and a tiny pad, I decided it was better to pass. There was supposed to be a v2 offwidth on the back side of the boulder, but there was no crack to be seen. So I went back down to the Tower boulders to fire off three of the remaining problems I haven't done down there; V0, V2, and V4 respectively.

I finished with a lap on Twisted, as I haven't done it in ages and a few more laps on the warm-up boulder and I went home. I don't think I was up there an hour. What a great day.

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