Thursday, July 17, 2008

7/17 Dawn Patrol

Summer is the time of Dawn Patrol. This is an annual tradition for us that we have been dedicated to for about 5 years now. We have kept a regular routine of getting out twice a week all summer. I think that we have finally settled in to climbing every Tuesday and Thursday.

This morning we went to the Wasatch Resort so that Jami (and me for that matter) could do some new problems we have never done before. Trent had never been either so it was a win for pretty much everyone.

The climbing was easy, for the most part, and we had a great time, as usual.

Steve topping out an easy V0 warm-up

Jami sending a long V1

Is this too many people to have on 1 climb? If you look close you will count 4.

This V4 was really tough. It became even harder after I crushed the good foothold.

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