Friday, July 25, 2008

Head for the Hills 7/25

4:15 am comes really early, no matter what time you attempt to go to bed. Knowing I was heading up Little Cottonwood Canyon to summit a peak made it a whole lot easier, however.

We were out of the car and hiking by 5:10 am. It was a perfect day, maybe 60 degrees out and clear skies. We got to Cecret Lake by 5:45 and made a quick stop to take a drink and then we were off again.
Steve passing Cecret Lake

How bad can life be when this is how you watch the sunrise?

We summited by 6:25, only an hour and 10 minutes after leaving the car.

Peak Jumping is the sport of kings!

It is a really great hike and one I would gladly do again.

You can't skip the opportunity to boulder.

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Rachel said...

Ha ha ha! I love the jumping pics. Sev told me about your dawn patrols and hikes. Can't wait to join in once my full time job has wrapped up (which is next Thursday).