Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Peak Bagging

In a couple of days the Peak a Week club is heading up to Albion Basin to attempt Devil's Castle. It is an easy hike, only 3 miles round trip. It does require some 4th or even 5th class climbing though and therefore poses a bit more of a challenge.

Because I have T this weekend I would want him to come along, but I would also want to make sure that it would be something that would be safe and easy enough for him to do. I also wanted to see how quickly I could make the loop hike as I am getting more into trail running.

I left the car at 6:10am by myself and quickly worked into an easy jog. At the first stream crossing I was surprised by a bull moose about 50 yards away. He gave me a good long stare, but wasn't making any attempt or actions to charge. I slowed to a walk until I had a tree between him and me and then picked back up into my run.

I did have to slow to a quick walk for some of the steeper sections prior to Cecret Lake, but I still made it to the lake in 13 minutes. Not stopping I continued up to the main trail heading to the saddle and maintaining a quick pace with few stops I was on the saddle in 32 minutes.

A quick drink and a turn left had me heading for the summits (there are three, one proper, but two others worth doing). I was never really able to get a good look at them till I was close since I had a direct look into the rising sun. Beautiful. All three summits were technical, but easy; hard 4th class at the most. The third summit required the most from me technically, but that was because I purposefully made it harder than it had to be; I guess I just enjoyed the challenge and exposure. I was on the final summit in 56 minutes.

I was down the other side and working my way down to the access road to the Supreme lift. That was a dodgy part as it was steep and loose, but once on the road I drew back into a steady jog and it was only 5 - 7 minutes before I was back at the car, making a total trip time of 1 hour and 23 minutes.

So much fun. Friday I'll have pictures.

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