Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekly Highlights


For the fourth week of January, friends and fellow runners again got up and out early to get above the pollution. Scott and Craig had a nice Sunday run up Mt. Grandeur and completed the ten mile loop:

Scott W. on summit of Grandeur

Craig levitates one of the creek crossings

Craig did some laps up to View Benchmark, above Draper City. He brought back photographic proof that the sky is still blue above the inversion cloud and further evidence that we live in one of the greatest cities on earth.
View Benchmark summit

Mt. Timpanogos looking mi-T-fine

Scott made a solo run up to the Avenues Twin Peaks, in the foothills above Salt Lake City. It is a ten mile out and back with a great view of the Salt Lake valley when the air is clear. When he got to the peak there was a helicopter loitering on the West summit. Black ops? Underachieving heli skiers? We may never know.

Avenues Twin Peaks above Salt Lake City

Matt W. also made a trip up to the Ave Twins, with Craig and Scott on another day. Farmington Canyon was still a good place for MGW to get ten miles and over 2,000 feet of vert before work. Nice work, Dorsimus!

Craig, Scott and Matt W. spent some time at the Outdoor Retailer show in SLC this week. Hopefully they got some nice new toys and gear to try out for 2013.

I got up early for a run up Farmington Canyon with Matt W., and later in the week got in a run up Mt. Grandeur for the loop. The highlight of my week was a snowshoe hike and climb up to 11,000 foot Lone Peak. Someone captured this on video. Be sure to watch in 720P HD:

I speak for all of us when I say of the cold temperatures and air pollution: Enough already. Bring on Spring!

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Matt said...

"Underachieving heli skiers?" Ha ha, love it.
Maybe someone called search and rescue to get them off the 'mountain'.